Annie Giles Hobbs


Annie Giles Hobbs uses layers of handmade papers. They function not merely as

surfaces, but are constituted and shaped for her predetermined images. The density of

these large pieces is impressed by multi-plate etching, colograph and monoprint, whose

qualities build up a richly worked top surface, whilst partially revealing texture and

imagery at the edges of receding layers. Close inspection discloses a structural linearity

ranging from the fine delicacy of a Lippi to some expressionistically agitated networks in

tonal areas. On more distant viewing the forma of figures and symbolic references

coalesce from the overall schema in palely luminous flesh tones. The dreamlike quality of

fading and re-emerging configurations conveying sensual and soulful experience,

implies to the viewer distances of history and age-old myth in these tentatively

expressed relations, giving contemporary insight into the archaic and mystical bond

between humans and the animal world.

Extract from the catalogue, Six: an exhibition of contemporary printmakers, by Karin Hiscock

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